Top 5 Takeaways from ISO 45001 Workshop

ISO 45001 popularity is increasing as Nations adopt the Standard…

In a workshop presentation we identified the Top Five Tips for ISO 45001 success:

1. Momentum for 45001 is increasing as Nations adopt the Standard, notably the USA’s national standards’ agency, ANSI. In addition to the >1m already working to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as existing Integrated Management Standards who will likely migrate to ISO 45001.

2. Attendees declared how important 45001 will be as a prequalification requirement for tendering.

3. How critical it will be to engage and gain the support of Top Management and workers, where for the latter, hand held devices will lead to better engagement and participation.

4. The standard provides increased flexibility for proof of performance through a move away from documents, records, manuals to “documented information” – defined in the Standard as sourced from any media, e.g. phone photos, audio, visual, recordings as well as paper documents.

5. Verification of compliance can be achieved by self-audit to help manage costs, rather than certification by a 3rd party. Top management need to know their compliance status, again hand-held devices could provide the means to do this.

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