Internal Audits

An integrated internal audit can take place when a client has the requirements of three or more management standards in a single system, and is being audited against more than one standard.  Audit objectives will include: determining the extent of conformity of the system, evaluation of the capability of the processes; an assessment of the effectiveness of the system in meeting specified goals and identification of areas for potential improvement.

We provide a comprehensive formatted internal audit system which simplifies the process enabling you to collect and collate audit evidence and present it to top management.
The questions (500+) in the audit checklist tool are aligned to the clauses of the Standards.  This allows internal and third party auditors to evaluate compliance to the three sets of requirements in an efficient manner. A detailed 94 page guide is also included.

Certification Audits

The external certification audits consist of a programme of an initial two-stage audit, surveillance audits in the first and second years, and a recertification audit in the third year prior to expiration of certification. The three year cycle begins with the certification or recertification decision. The determination of the audit programme and any subsequent adjustments will consider the size of the clients organization, the scope and complexity of its management system, products and processes as well as demonstrated level of management system effectiveness and the results of any previous audits.