Our Procurement ISO 45001 guide helps you identify all the participants in the procurement chain. The Guide is also applicable to procurement for ISO 9001 & 14001. We have provided for you insights for client organisations, contractors, outsourcers and product suppliers. So those involved in contracting, tendering and supply chain can see the processes and documents needed by them.  Use our Procurement Assessment system to successfully achieve conformation of your supply chain.  Also we explain what your top management need to know and how they can meet their leadership obligations.  We describe the key stages for you of pre-qualification, risk management strategies, contract clauses. And we have checklists, monitoring and post procurement evaluations for you to use. In our Procurement ISO 45001 guide the illustrations clarify for you the interacting positions and roles of the different relationships. Understanding these relationships and how to maximise the potential in these situations will improve organisational readiness to join the supply chain.