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  • Our Procurement Guide to ISO 45001 is for supply assessment for EHSQ management systems.  It includes both guidance, checklists and templates for creating pre-qualification systems, also usable for ISO9001 and ISO14001. The competence of contractors or outsourcers can be verified.  The meanings and definitions are given for all those responsible in the supply chain, such as contractors, workers, interested parties and outsourcers. The supply chain can undermine the intended outcomes of client and procuring organisations by bringing risks and hazards into the workplace or by their inadequate OH&S performance.  You can use the Guide to help top management and other interested parties understand their roles, responsibilities and accountability. Scroll down to Peek inside

  • Online EHSQ Procurement Gap Analysis of supply chain conformity to client's ISO 9001, ISO14001 ISO45001 EHSQ system. Either client or supply can complete the online questionnaire which addresses all relevant clauses.  We then use the responses to create your gap analysis report.  Pre-qualify your supply chain for both good quality, environment and occupational health and safety governance or certification purposes. PREVIEW BELOW
  • Our Procurement Gap Analysis and Procurement Guide combined as one product with discount of 27%. Suitable for ISO 45001 ISO 9001 ISO 14001 clients, contractors, outsourcers
  • Our powerpoint based ISO 45001 Training Online OHSMS provides an overview explanation of all the clauses of the Standard. The 98 page slide deck includes ongoing questions to refresh learner's memory.  The presentation is ideal for those who need to train others. Use our Complete Guide for a comprehensive guide to the Standard's clauses.
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