ISO 45001 Training online


Our powerpoint based ISO 45001 Training Online OHSMS provides an overview explanation of all the clauses of the Standard. The 98 page slide deck includes ongoing questions to refresh learner’s memory.  The presentation is ideal for those who need to train others. Use our Complete Guide for a comprehensive guide to the Standard’s clauses.


Content of ISO 45001 Training Online

You can see in our 95 slide powerpoint based ISO 45001 Training Online OHSMS an overview of all the clauses of the Standard.  So the presentation outlines the background to the Standard’s development, structure and Annex SL.  Also you will be able to see the differences and gap analysis between OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001.  Learners will see information on ISO’s seven principles.  Users will have an understanding of the requirements and practical measures for implementation. Either for self verification or certification.  The training presentation shows the terms and definitions used in the Standard. Because of this it will be especially useful as an introduction for Occupational Health and Safety practitioners.  And for non OHS personnel to show the part they must play in successful ISO 45001 implementation.  You will be able to test your knowledge and learning retention with the question sets included in the presentation for each main clause.  The crib sheet will show you the correct answers.

Benefit of ISO 45001 Training Online

You can easily be use the product to train others and use it as a reference resource.   You do not need any addition software.  This is a powerpoint with interactive questions where the correct answer is highlighted.  The terms and definitions of the Standard are shown. Also you will see the part that SWOT, PESTLE analysis and the hierarchy of controls will play in the Standard. You can train others remotely by using the presentation in a video conference with colleagues or other interested parties.  Also you can use this ISO 45001 Training Online with contractors and your supply chain.  For instance procurement colleagues, suppliers, contractors, clients and outsourcers.

Background and Introductory Reading

You can use our “Complete Guide to ISO 45001” as introductory reading.  Also our “Procurement Guide” will help you develop your procurement policies, pre-qualification system and ensure your supply chain has the information they need to meet your requirements.  Do not let the supply chain prejudice your compliance to ISO 45001.

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