Procurement Gap Analysis EHSQ


Online EHSQ Procurement Gap Analysis of supply chain conformity to client’s ISO 9001, ISO14001 ISO45001 EHSQ system. Either client or supply can complete the online questionnaire which addresses all relevant clauses.  We then use the responses to create your gap analysis report.  Pre-qualify your supply chain for both good quality, environment and occupational health and safety governance or certification purposes.



Pre qualification of a Supply Chain using EHSQ Procurement Gap Analysis

You make an assessment of your supply chain compliance by using our EHSQ Procurement Gap Analysis.  Also you can use it for your independant, individual standard management system.  Doing so will establish the potential risks to your integrated management system by your suppliers.  So use our Online Procurement Gap Analysis to assess how your suppliers meet the requirements of your EHSQ.  The supplier does not have to be compliant to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or ISO 45001 Standards.  But they do have to be compliant to the intended outcomes of the procurer client’s management system.  The intended outcomes are to prevent worker injury and ill health, protect the environment and maintain quality standards.  Use our Procurement Guide to read practical solutions to the Standards’ requirements.

Clauses in the Gap Analysis 

The online Gap Analysis references the key procurement clauses of the Standards, excluding those not relevant to the supply chain. This makes it simply to engage and recruit qualified contractors, suppliers and outsourcers. Some of these include Clauses: 4 Context;  5 Leadership and Worker Involvement; 6 Risk Opportunities, Objectives; 7 Resources; 8 Operational Planning, Hierarchy of Controls; 9 Monitoring, Measurement; 10 Improvement.

Gap Analysis ISO 9001 14001 45001 OHSAS 18001

Also a Procurement Gap Analysis is essential for Top Management and other workers to see what actions need to be taken. It will appeal to practitioners, consultants and non specialist users. It will save users the time of reading the Standards, interpreting and researching their meanings and application.

Procurement Guide for clients, suppliers, outsourcers and contractors ISO 45001

The separate Procurement Guide explains in practice the requirements of clause 8.1.4 of Standard ISO 45001.  Because it contains solutions for procuring organisations, contractors, outsourcers and product suppliers you can use it to make supply chain assessment for EHSQ systems.  This is essential reading for Clients and those in the Supply Chain.  Most importantly top management need to know they are in control of their supply chain.  So reading the Guide will help top management know how they can meet their leadership duties.  You can use the checklists, templates and graphics for risk control strategies that are included in the Guide.  Also use them for contract clauses, monitoring, pre qualification and post service evaluation. Also suppliers who require an introduction to ISO 45001 should read our Complete and Easy to Understand Guide to ISO 45001.

Save on certification cost

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