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This Complete Guide to ISO 45001 is the latest revised edition incorporating technical interpretation to reflect readers’ needs for more detailed information to help plan for implementation.  To start the conversation with top management and across other functions of an organisation this Guide forms the basis for a general understanding of the Standard. The guide outlines all the clauses. Scroll down to Peek inside.  Please remember when you buy, the download link will be in the “order received page” and additionally in an email to you.


Clauses Outlined in the Complete and Easy to Understand Guide to ISO 45001

This Complete and Easy to Understand Guide to ISO 45001 revised gives explanations of the clauses 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10. Because of this the Complete Guide will help Top Management, and other workers to understand their roles and duties for ISO 45001 but also for 9001 and 14001. Because all these standards follow the same high level structure known as Annex SL. You will find the guide will appeal to practitioners, consultants, trainers and generalists as well as Top Management. The graphics bring to life the key action points. It will save readers the time of reading the Standard and interpreting and researching its meanings and application. The ISO 45001 Guide is easy to read and more complete and advanced than the author’s original “Guide to Requirements of ISO 45001”.

The guide outlines all the clauses in relation to Annex SL.  Clause 4, include Interested Parties, emphasising that both internal and external stakeholders are important.  Because they include stakeholders, workers and members of the public.  Also in Clause 5, regarding Leadership, outlines the roles and responsibilities of top management and OH&S policy.  This clause includes the scope of the OHSMS.  Clause 6 is planning. This requires the assessment of risks and opportunities.  Therefore you need to develop objectives to achieve them.  Whereas Clause 7 is Support. It is important because the following is required: resources, competence, awareness and communication. Clause 8 is Operation, an important clause to enact Clause 6.  Clause 9 is Measurement through monitoring and management review.  Lastly you will see Clause 10 concerns continual improvement.

Documented information in Clause 7

Documented information is required and needed for auditing. This information can be in any media and from any source.  Because Clause 8 is Operation this requires implementation of the planning objectives, using the hierarchy of controls to reduce risks.  And Operation includes Procurement, see our Procurement Guide to ISO 45001.  Also this clause included emergency planning. Clause 9 is Performance Evaluation.  Such as monitoring, measuring, auditing.  And this includes internal and external auditing.  Evidence is required for certification and accreditation.  ISO 17001 and ISO 19011 apply to auditing OHSMS and certification bodies.  Clause 10 is Improvement which includes continual improvement and incident investigation, learning from accidents, injuries, near misses, close calls and cases of ill health.

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