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Our Procurement Guide to ISO 45001 is for supply assessment for EHSQ management systems.  It includes both guidance, checklists and templates for creating pre-qualification systems, also usable for ISO9001 and ISO14001. The competence of contractors or outsourcers can be verified.  The meanings and definitions are given for all those responsible in the supply chain, such as contractors, workers, interested parties and outsourcers. The supply chain can undermine the intended outcomes of client and procuring organisations by bringing risks and hazards into the workplace or by their inadequate OH&S performance.  You can use the Guide to help top management and other interested parties understand their roles, responsibilities and accountability. Scroll down to Peek inside


Procurement EHSQ ISO 9001 14001 45001

The guide explains supply chain assessment of the procurement clauses of EHSQ standards.  Because it contains solutions for procuring organisations, contractors, out-sourcers and product suppliers you can use it to make an assessment and pre-qualification your supply chain.  This is essential reading for Clients and those in the Supply Chain.  Most importantly top management need to know they are in control of their supply chain.  So reading the Guide will help top management know how they can meet their leadership duties.  You can use the checklists, templates and graphics for risk control strategies. Also use them for contract clauses, monitoring, pre qualification and post service evaluation. Want a Gap Analysis report, see our online product. Also to understand ISO 45001 suppliers should read our Complete and Easy to Understand Guide to ISO 45001.

Contractor Supply Chain  EHSQ ISO 9001 14001 45001 of a client’s Integrated Management System

How can you make an EHSQ procurement guide gap analysis of your supply chain to comply to your EHSQ integrated management system? A gap analysis in which you respond to each of the relevant clauses to create your gap analysis report. Doing so will establish the potential risks to your integrated management system by your suppliers.  Using our Procurement Guide checklists assesses how suppliers meet the requirements of the procurer client.  The supplier does not have to be compliant to ISO 9001, 14001 or 45001 Standards.  But they do have to be compliant to the intended outcomes of the procurer client.  The intended outcomes are to prevent worker injury and ill health, protect the environment and maintain quality standards.  Also workers include top managers.  You can ensure protection to members of the public by creating a safe workplace.  Because a safe workplace is the intended outcome of ISO 45001. You will note that the definition of interested parties include members of the public.  This Procurement Guide EHSQ will help users manage the quality, environment and occupational health and safety in their supply chain.  Procurers, client organisations who operate an EHSQ system have to ensure that their supply chain conform to the “intended outcomes” of their IMS.

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